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Description: Me n Gaboon Viper

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Gaboon Post a Comment | Report Photo   
User: Kikai (see all of Kikai's photos)
Views: 19283
Date: 03/14/04
Filesize: 37.5k, 500 X 375
Image URL:
Author Thread  


Registered: 03/2004
Photos Uplaoded: 8
Comments Left: 0

I'm not going to say anything. The picture is saying enough. Children don't do this at home.
03-14-2004 07:18PM View Veldmuis's Profile  


Registered: 12/2003
Photos Uplaoded: 9
Comments Left: 0


This does not set a very good example for beginner keepers. This could get someone killed. Not a very good example at all.

On a side note, beautiful snake.
03-27-2004 03:28PM View Wizwise2000's Profile View Wizwise2000's Gallery  


Registered: 02/2004
Photos Uplaoded: 20
Comments Left: 0

Wow! You certainly have more guts than I do. Did you see that photo earlier this year on of that Gaboon viper bite? It looked pretty rough. At the rate you're going, make sure you post a picture of your Gaboon Viper bite as well.
03-31-2004 02:09AM View ApdNC's Profile  


Registered: 06/2003
Location: RI, USA
Photos Uplaoded: 33
Comments Left: 0

LOL.....thanks for the responses, everyone. Glad to see the pic has generated so much interest. They feel really cool, like pebbles set in tar paper. The keels are so thick, it's amazing. Too bad none of you have minds open enough to experience it. :P
03-31-2004 02:16PM View Kikai's Profile View Kikai's Gallery  


Registered: 03/2004
Photos Uplaoded: 8
Comments Left: 0

The reason that nobody has his minds open is because the people here don't want to die. It's nuts. If you want to feel the snake in your hands then do it safe. Use A TUBE!!!!!
04-01-2004 11:16AM View Veldmuis's Profile  


Registered: 02/2004
Photos Uplaoded: 20
Comments Left: 0

Well, when all is said and done, Kikai's right; "To each his own", but I"ll be the first one to confess that you won't be seeing me free-handling a Gaboon Viper, or any venomous snake out there for that matter!
04-01-2004 03:44PM View ApdNC's Profile  


Registered: 04/2004
Photos Uplaoded: 1
Comments Left: 0

If it's raised right, who says it's more likely to strike than any other snake? I know ball pythons that'll bite anything that comes near them. Heck, I know a leopard gecko that'll kill and eat you if you could. =)

Very nice snake.
Rating: 5/5 
04-01-2004 09:52PM View HerpHusband's Profile  


Registered: 09/2002
Photos Uplaoded: 1
Comments Left: 0

That was in one of the forums. Isn't it a venomoid? I believe I've seen that picture before. Even if it is though I still wouldn't want to catch one of those fangs. Ouch
04-16-2004 04:26AM View jont52's Profile  


Registered: 03/2004
Photos Uplaoded: 69
Comments Left: 0

Look at that poor gaboon viper.... First of all it is a venomoid.... Nice sunken in head from the void sugery..... Anyone that can do that to such a beautiful snake should have their teeth pulled out one by one with no pain meds.... It totally takes away from the nature and the natural look of the snake.... HerpHusband, It is true that they are not any more likely to bite than any other snake but results of a bite from a gaboon are very bad at the least..... They can and will bite wether is is a mistake or in self defence, a venomous bite is a venomous bite.... And dead is dead.... I would free handle any type of non hot but the chance you take handling venomous snakes realy is not worth life or limb..... Is it???? The fangs alone are enough to cause nerve damage and serious infections..... Nevermind the venom...... I would also like to know how knowing venomoid surgeries are cruel and illegal, is being closed minded???? It is ignorant to believe this is a good thing and the animal does not suffer from it......
04-18-2004 10:57PM View GreggMM's Profile Visit GreggMM's Homepage! View GreggMM's Gallery  


Registered: 07/2004
Photos Uplaoded: 27
Comments Left: 0

See the picture kids? this is what you call 'Retarded'! All jokes aside, snakes are still wild no matter how often you handle them, what species they are, or when you took them in. They all have the potential to return to their natural tendancies, and some have the natural tendency to bite...
07-27-2004 11:35PM View gunslingervyse's Profile  


Registered: 05/2002
Location: NY
Photos Uplaoded: 21
Comments Left: 0

opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has one, nobody wants to hear yours.

Please show me unbiased data stating weather venemoid surgery is either beneficial or detrimental to the snakes. I've been in this industry for 18 years and I have yet to see anything more than empty statements.

If it's your opinion that venemoid surgery is bad or makes the snake look ugly, then good, don't own one.

Everyone knows that smoking causes disease and decreses the lifespan of that homosapien erectus species, but it's still the most widely accepted addiction. I for one am sick of this unfounded venemoid discussion which is just filled with opinions and people trying to control how other people enjoy the hobby.
Rating: 5/5 
09-15-2004 06:04PM View b1r2s's Profile View b1r2s's Gallery  


Registered: 03/2004
Location: north of houston
Photos Uplaoded: 69
Comments Left: 0

ok, if you are going to make a comment about opinions being like assholes, then dont post your opinion.
And if you are going to try and sound smart, be correct. Modern humans would be Homosapein Sapein. NOT ERECTUS

In response to the photo you got balls. It's cool if you want to freehandle, but a lot of kids and/or beginners get on this site and see things like this. Im not saying dont do it. Just that it is not a good idea to post pics of it on this site.
12-04-2004 03:43PM View Mass_Chaos's Profile View Mass_Chaos's Gallery  


Registered: 02/2005
Location: los angeles
Photos Uplaoded: 52
Comments Left: 0
want to buy an Iquitos gold peruvian boa

outstanding looking Gabby....i want a gaboon viper and whenever i get it i hope its as preety as that one...but im gunna keep the venom ducts...ill just be extra carefull
02-11-2005 01:37AM View iLikesnakes's Profile View iLikesnakes's Gallery  


Registered: 01/2005
Location: southern california
Photos Uplaoded: 49
Comments Left: 0
i love snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas

who the hell would be stupid enough to handle a venomous snake like that i am not talking about the picture but the posts writing children do not try this at home. first of all which child is gonna go out and find a gaboon viper second of all if you buy a gaboon and handle it like that you ought to be killed. im only 13 years old saying this and my parents absolutely hate reptiles
02-20-2005 02:30AM View SSC's Profile  
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