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Baby Snapper set up

Description: This is My pet Snapping Turtle John. I named him John the Babtist because I found him when I got Baptized.

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Baby Snapper set up Post a Comment | Report Photo   
User: MouseBreath (see all of MouseBreath's photos)
Views: 5145
Date: 01/11/02
Filesize: 32.0k, 217.6 k, 1600 X 1200
Image URL:
Author Thread  


Registered: 02/2002
Location: Oceanside, Ca
Photos Uplaoded: 17
Comments Left: 0
I'm 26,love herps and am a happy part of Turtle Homes

how does he get out to bask?
where do you have the uvb,etc?
02-25-2002 05:28AM View emcity's Profile Visit emcity's Homepage! View emcity's Gallery  


Registered: 01/2002
Location: smokey mountains of tennessee
Photos Uplaoded: 9
Comments Left: 0
Owner and operator of Mouse Breath reptiles, I dont have a web page yet so I will just have to use classifieds and photo gallaries. So contact me if your interested in buying a snake and I will let you know what I have available

I set him up with all of that but he never used it. and evryone that I know who have raised them said that they dont need all of that. One of my freinds that works at an Aquarium who has raised hundreds of turtles succesfully said that he has only had one snapper to bask and it ended up being sick and died. So I dont think that they are as fragile and high maintenece as people make them out to be, mine is doing fine and has more than dobled in size scince I got him.
02-27-2002 01:11AM View MouseBreath's Profile Visit MouseBreath's Homepage! View MouseBreath's Gallery  


Registered: 03/2002
Photos Uplaoded: 17
Comments Left: 0
I am a reptile enthusiast....and an extreme skater/biker...and Im 18

Very nice set-up, love it.
However, snappers in general dont like to swim, lazy lil' creatures.... So that depth seems to be a bit much for my liking and maybe even his. Also being a baby UV/calcium is crucial, snappers always bask however, they dont normally get up on logs or anything, they bask in the shallow water which the UV rays can penetrate. Just had to mention, But very nice yet simple enclosure.
Rating: 5/5 
07-02-2002 08:10AM View ReptileFreak18's Profile View ReptileFreak18's Gallery  


Registered: 07/2003
Location: Born Texas- Live in-Columbia, Pa. U.S.A.
Photos Uplaoded: 40
Comments Left: 0
Love Snapping Turtle's Since I was a small boy- Fianlly Got two Alligator Snapping Turtle's at the Age of 42- Bert and Ernie- Born Oct-2003- I got them fresh out of the egg- They were never even in Water when I got them- I had to introduce them to it

I have a 12 inch Shelled Snapper, from tip of front shell to back of shell Snapping Turtle Shell. He is 7.5 pounds and, has never had any lights like that, I give him a daily warm bath in my home tube to keep his tummy working right. He eats every thing in his site!! When he was small, I did crush egg shells and put them into his favorite dish ( hotdogs)!! The water is a little deep for a baby, cause they are lazy and would rather just reach up with there neck and nose to breath, rather than swim all the way up there to get a breath then down to sleep again. Anyway everyone has there way to do things, NOT All can be right, HUH? Thanks for the photo, Fly2000 Snapper Lover!! Rating: 5/5 
07-17-2003 03:20AM View fly2000's Profile View fly2000's Gallery  


Registered: 08/2004
Location: FLORIDA
Photos Uplaoded: 403
Comments Left: 0
im into reptiles and skating, my reptiles include: a breeding pair of cornsnakes, and a pair of jungle carpet pythons

emcity, snapping turtles do not normally come out of the water to bask, my snapper usually never comes out of the water to bask at all. that is a very nice setup. ;) Rating: 5/5 
12-06-2004 12:16AM View cornsnakemaster's Profile View cornsnakemaster's Gallery