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Dead Green Tree Python

Description: Here is why you don't buy "captive bred" GTP's from LLL Reptile.

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Dead Green Tree Python Post a Comment | Report Photo   
User: cyberfrog (see all of cyberfrog's photos)
Views: 2449
Date: 01/05/05
Filesize: 32.0k, 119.2 k, 640 X 480
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Author Thread  


Registered: 04/2004
Location: wisconsin
Photos Uplaoded: 131
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1.0 ball pythons; 0.1 BRB; 0.2 chondros; 0.1 corn snake; 0.2 leopard gecko; 0.0.2 Mountain Horned Dragons; 0.1 siberian husky; 0.0.2 morays and lots of other saltwater animals

So sorry about your snake. What happened?
01-05-2005 06:31AM View polarpooch1's Profile Visit polarpooch1's Homepage! View polarpooch1's Gallery  


Registered: 10/2003
Photos Uplaoded: 103
Comments Left: 0

I think it doesn't matter from who you buy it too much, this can happen also with animals bred by reputable breeders. Next time, before you buy, just ask if they want to feed it when you are present; if you don't see it eat, don't buy it !

Chris van Kalken
CVK Reptiles
01-08-2005 12:03PM View Chris1311960's Profile Visit Chris1311960's Homepage! View Chris1311960's Gallery  


Registered: 05/2003
Location: York, PA
Photos Uplaoded: 39
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Sorry to hear about your chondro. That sort of thing shouldn't happen to anyone. Contrary to what some people might tell you, I believe that buying from a repuptable breeder is definitely the way to go. At least until you have some experience with chondros. And I say this not as a private chondro breeder. I have no babies that I'm trying to sell. I say it because I believe it to be true. A 'reputable' breeder will not sell you a chondro that is not eating regularly. Their reputation is at stake. And a reputable breeder would not knowingly sell you a defective, or sick, animal, I'm sure. Hence the term 'reputable'.

It is often false economy to try to save money when shopping for chondros, by buying some of these less expensive chondros. Basically it's a gamble. Sometimes you'll get a good one...often not. This time you lost the bet unfortunately.

I wish you better luck next time. But reduce the element of luck and buy from a known reputable breeder who will want to provide you with a healthy chondro.

Good luck,

01-14-2005 02:33AM View StuMiller's Profile  

Brandon Osborne

Registered: 03/2002
Photos Uplaoded: 299
Comments Left: 0

Stu said it best. This does not look like an animal I would sell to someone. Coming from the source, I'd say this animal didn't have many meals under it's belt, if any. I would suggest the same as Stu. Start with a WELL ESTABLISHED CBB baby, from a dedicated breeder. Here's an example of what I would sell to someone......

I don't sell anything younger than 6 months old, unless it's going to someone I know, that has experience keeping babies. Even then, they will have a minimum of 15-20 meals. Sorry for you loss, but don't give up. These snakes really are easy to keep from the right source. Good luck and stay green.

Brandon Osborne
04-06-2005 06:52PM View Brandon Osborne's Profile View Brandon Osborne's Gallery