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Fossilized Fairy, male, 9cm, 300 million years old

Description: Fossilized Fairy

Other Common Name(s): Fossil Fairy
Latin Name: Nympha juncea
Specimen collected by: Takeshi Yamada
Origin: Glasgow, Scotland
Date: 1812 AD
Size: 219 x 238 x 31 mm (matrix)
Description of the specimen: There are numerous important fossil sites in Scotland such as the Rhynie Chert beds in Aberdeenshire in the north of the country, where teams of paleontologists and biologists have been working for centuries. In 1812, a series of miniature, winged, humanoid-type creatures, commonly referred to in storybooks in the Western world as a “fairy”, was discovered at a fossil excavation site in Glasgow. These tiny and fragile remains of new species of creatures were examined by noted biologist Dr. William T. Cottingham at the University of Glasgow. Prof. Cottingham publicly announced his finding and detailed analysis to the science community in the fall of 1813. By closely examining over 250 specimens collected over 15 months, he produced a paper, which includes his Latin naming of each of the twelve spieces of the humanoid creatures, and proceeded to “sex” each major specimen by comparing their relative size and shapes of the pelvic bones.
This well-preserved full-skeleton of a spieces of fairy, when alive, would have stood about 9cm tall, with a wingspan of about 14cm. It has twin pairs of relatively large wings (similar to those of a dragonfly or ant lion) to its elegantly slender and light-weight skeletal structure. The teeth analysis revealed this animal is omnivorous; eating small insects in flight as well as water plant and fungi. This specimen is an adult male.


Takeshi Yamada’s Museum of World Wonders: Coney Island Circus Sideshow

Artist’s Statement
by Takeshi Yamada

I developed my fascination for the city’s intricate culture and development as I grew up in Osaka, the third largest city in Japan. I moved to the United States when I was 23 years old, and lived in big cities such as Oakland, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Ann Arbor, Michigan; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chicago, Illinois and Brooklyn, NY, where I live now. The similarities and differences among cities always fascinated me. Therefore, it was natural for me to produce artworks based on what I saw, photographed, researched, interviewed and felt about the unique characteristics of cities, such as the city’s physical, social, material, architectural and cultural development and people including their origin, evolution, costumes, beliefs, folkways, etc. in comparison to other cities. In this sense, I regard myself as a “Visual Anthropologist”. With these unique artworks, I had over 300 major fine art exhibitions including 35 solo art exhibitions internationally including Spain, The Netherlands, Japan and the United States.

I worked as one of the team of mural painters for a theater production entitled “Voyage 350” at the Harbor Place in Baltimore, Maryland in 1984, and it led me to work for a new amusement park to be created called “Power Plant” of Six Flags in 1985. I worked on the team of specialized artists creating a variety of circus sideshow banners, gaffs (“Circus of the Mystery” section), and installation items for the amusement park including 50-foot murals behind the “Fountain of Youth”, marbleizing the floor of “Pandora’s Box” room, marbleizing Greek relief displays and the large wall behind them, coloring the sideshow gaff of “Bigfoot”, repainting the banner of “Leprechaun King”, producing faux wooden floor (from concrete floor) for “Ship in the Bottle”, Decorative design paintings for “Censorium Theater” (it produces the scent of a subject appearing on the theater screen while watching the screen with 3-D eye glasses), signs of “Four Stages of Man” and “Magic Lantern Theater (robot theater), painting variety of machines and electric meters of the “Future Living” display etc. These experiences opened my eyes to the unique American entertainment world of amusement parks and circus sideshow.

My current super-realism artworks (mostly sculptures) reflect my investigation of the unique and distinctive culture where I live in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn, NY. This special culture is called Coney Island Circus Sideshow. My series of artworks are simulations and re-interpretations of this rapidly disappearing unique and distinctive form of modern American pop culture, which originated in Coney Island when Steeple Chase Park opened in 1879. I was particularly inspired by the series of artworks on display at the circus sideshow tents, which are called “gaffs”. “Gaffs” are man-made objects simulating artifacts of wonder and oddities (some are completely fictional, such as “Fiji Mermaid” and “Jackalope”), with details great enough to fool the eyes and mind of the audience as real things at the circus sideshow tents behind the vividly painted large banners. My Circus Sideshow Gaffs celebrate the curiosity and passion of humanity, which never ceases to seek things of mystery and wonder of the universe. With these in mind, I created over 300 one-of-a-kind gaffs including Chupacabra, Fiji Mermaids, Giant Sea Serpents, Two-Headed Babies, Shrunken Human Head, Fossilized Fairies, Nuclear Radiation Giant Stag Beetles, Hairy Trout, King Piranhas, Mongolian Giant Death Worms, Two-headed Snakes, Four-legged Turkeys, Giant Vampire Bats, Chinese Flesh-Eating Mushrooms, Two-headed and Six-fingered Alchemist, artifacts of the Dreamland Fire of 1911 in Coney Island, relics of ancient civilizations, and alien artifacts/specimens collected by the Area 51 US Military Base, among others. Some of my gaffs also reflect my investigation of today’s technologies, and they are created with my digital camera, computer and photo-quality 7-color printer.

I regard my artworks as a “Visual Encyclopedia” equipped with a comprehensive description of each artwork, documentations and cross-cultural anthropological research behind them. It is my hope that my artworks are vehicles to please the eyes, uplift the spirit, stir the imagination and express conviction. It is my desire to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of the global nature of the world, its people and the bonds that mutually bind them. It is my sincere wish that my creativity and its products contribute to the advancement of the glorious culture based on the sanctity of life and true humanism.

All the rights reserved by Takeshi Yamada 2006
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