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10 Tips for Acing That Interview

Description: A job interview is very important aspect in ones life. And when its the starting one, then its importance increases. It is also breath taking that how one manage it with out nervousness or fear? An important thing people forget going to interview is that they have to be in calm posture. Be relaxed and prepared.

Here are some tips for you to pass the interview confidently and leave a good impression on the employer.

1. Collect Some Knowledge About The Company

Get proper information about the company before going to an interview, like their Past records, aim, mission, output product information. Check out company`s website. Get all the information given there. The more you know more the better. Use those points in interview. When there is a lull in the conversation, you can say something like this: “So, I have heard that the company is expanding its production line to include gadget. When are you starting the production of these?”

2. Observe Dress Manners

There should be no jewelry or much makeup. They should wear a simple and nice suit, or a dress with a jacket. A light colored should be preferred like white or ivory blouse.
Men should wear a dark color suit with a white shirt, cool tie, dark socks and shoes. Where you are applying if it doesn’t require a suit, wear dark, solid color pants or slacks with a sport shirt in a solid color or with subtle stripes. Don’t wear jeans or athletic shoes.
Both men & women: Make sure that your overall appearance is professional and as perfect as possible.

3. Eye Contact

Make and maintain good eye contact with the employer and all the interviewers. This part is also very important. Maintaining eye contact actually shows how sincere you are to your answers. Even if you have award winning answers, lack of eye contact actually kills it. After all, the interviewers are looking for substance, not your answers itself.

4. Smile

Smiling actually shows how confident you are. When I was being interviewed, I still pulled on with the smiling thingy even though the interviewer is already asking me tough questions. It’s like being in a beauty pageant, be graceful even if under pressure.

5. Let The Others Know That You Are Nervous

If you are nervous, feel free to say so. Say something like: “I find myself very nervous because I’m very interested in your organization.” Acknowledging your nervousness and anxiety often reduces it and interviewers are usually very understanding. (Remember, it has been known that people hire people who they feel comfortable with. So, make yourself as comfortable as possible!)

6. Treat Everyone You Come In Contact With Respect

Treat everyone you come in contact with at the company as if they have authority to hire you (in fact, they might have, you never know.) It isn’t rare for the hiring authority to ask the receptionist/secretary after the interview has been concluded how friendly the potential employee was while waiting for the interview.

7. Ask Questions

Always Ask questions, don’t just sit there waiting to be interrogated. You have just as much right to find out everything about the company as they have finding out about you. Sample questions: “In your opinion, what are the most relevant abilities for this job?” “Would you describe the long-term goals of the company?” “Is there anything from my previous experiences that you would like me to elaborate on?”

8. Show Enthusiasm

Make sure you indicate that you want the job! One of the top 10 reasons why a person doesn’t get hired is the lack of enthusiasm and interest in both the company and the particular position.

9. Take Extra Copies Of Your Resume

Make sure that you have several copies of your résumé with you in case the interviewer asks for it and in case a panel of people will interview you. Also, have your 4-5 professional references listed on a separate sheet of paper (same quality paper as résumé).

10. Follow Up The Interview

About 95% of job candidates ignore this essential step. If you want to stand out from your competition and leave a final, positive impression with the person who interviewed you, you need to send a thank-you letter.

About author:
Lynette Bobbitt - professional writer from essay writing website Tutoriage

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