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User: bigbluedoge (see all of bigbluedoge's photos)
Views: 1969
Date: 08/05/03
Filesize: 32.0k, 72.7 k, 800 X 600
Image URL:
Author Thread  


Registered: 09/2002
Location: West Texas
Photos Uplaoded: 19
Comments Left: 0
love to ride my harley, herp, shoot

Oh man Here we go again. Not to smart
08-05-2003 03:18PM View tomb4440's Profile View tomb4440's Gallery  


Registered: 06/2003
Location: So Cal
Photos Uplaoded: 9
Comments Left: 0

Pure genius... Rating: 1/5 
08-05-2003 10:53PM View xDamiaNx's Profile  


Registered: 02/2002
Location: Germany
Photos Uplaoded: 37
Comments Left: 0

Steve Irwin No 2 :)))

Nice snake ;)...
08-08-2003 11:47PM View Gaboonviper1388's Profile View Gaboonviper1388's Gallery  


Registered: 08/2002
Location: Volusia county, florida
Photos Uplaoded: 19
Comments Left: 0
I like native florida venomous and asian snakes

please post the bite photos you will have, if you keep doing that.
Thanks in advance
09-16-2003 03:49AM View evil-elvis's Profile View evil-elvis's Gallery  


Registered: 07/2004
Photos Uplaoded: 27
Comments Left: 0

Is that the same guy using the same ignorant handling technique? *sigh* you'd think he would have learned his lesson by now. Oh well, I'll send you a get well card in the hospital pal...
07-28-2004 12:13AM View gunslingervyse's Profile  


Registered: 03/2004
Photos Uplaoded: 8
Comments Left: 0

Even a bite from a small one could bring you to the hospital. There is only one word for it. STUPID

Just give me one reason why you handle this snake with your hands.
07-28-2004 03:41PM View Veldmuis's Profile  


Registered: 11/2003
Photos Uplaoded: 20
Comments Left: 0

i am lucky enough to live in a state with very few venomous laws.but thanx to idiots like yourself.that probally wont be the case in the next few years.i am really starting to think that they should make stricter laws to keep venomous animals out of the hands of a jackasses like yourself.there are a LOT of kids who hang out on these fourms good job on showing them the proper way to keep hots.your a real cool guy!!! maybe you should consider a diffrent hobby.
mike bump
B&B Reptiles
07-29-2004 02:38AM View mabump's Profile View mabump's Gallery  


Registered: 03/2006
Location: Phoenix Arizona
Photos Uplaoded: 1
Comments Left: 0
I am about to be a Phx. Fire Fighter

IDIOT. Good way to get yourself AND OTHER bit. I hope you get bit so you can learn your lesson but at the same time it would suck for everyone else around you because they would be the ones effected also.
03-16-2007 10:42PM View PJ-FF's Profile  


Registered: 10/2006
Location: Canyon, Texas
Photos Uplaoded: 256
Comments Left: 0
1 Burm, 2 Bull snakes, 1 Hog island boa, 2 Marine toads, 1 Green Anaconda, 1 Savannah Monitor, 1 Sulcata tortoise, 2 Leopard gecko, 1 dwarf caiman, 2 common snappers, 1 alligator snapper, 2 Porthidium ophryomegas, 1 Porthidium Lansbergii, 1 lep klaub

Nice pic, i love it. Yall need to stop posting all those nasty things on here. If you are going to be a pussy about it than go look at the nonvenomous pages. one agian, nice pic. Rating: 5/5 
10-22-2007 03:31AM View Hanburys's Profile View Hanburys's Gallery  


Registered: 02/2008
Photos Uplaoded: 1
Comments Left: 0

Hanbury, When he gets bit, and then the media gets ahold of it, and then laws against keeping venomous get made even more strict than they already are, then you will understand why we care about this guys stupidity. If/when he gets bit it hurts the rest of us too.
Yeah, "sidewinder bites arent that bad", that is unless you one of the unlucky who have a bad reaction to the venom, and then better yet, find out you are allerigic to the antivenom as well. Now your arm is disfigured for life.
No amount of experience makes that hold a good idea. There is no "do-over" when that snake throws a quick strike.
02-03-2008 09:22PM View RoscoP's Profile